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Q: Where can i install Reclaim Arbor?

A: Reclaim Arbor will stick onto most flat interior surfaces. For best results, the surface needs to be clean and free of dust and oils.

Q: Where is Reclaim Arbor sourced?

A: All Reclaim Arbor products are made exclusively using aged reclaimed wood sourced throughout The USA. We believe This material produces the best natural texture which can only be achieved by a natural weathering process.

Q: Will you really plant a tree for every box?

A: Absolutely. We've partnered with various global tree planting charities to ensure a tree is planted with every box of Reclaim Arbor products sold. Customers will be able to keep track of the tree planting process they help make possible.

Q: How do i remove Reclaim Arbor from my wall?

A: Reclaim Arbor panels are removable if applied on a smooth, glossy, painted, or finished surface. To remove, use a blowdryer to make the adhesive pliable, then peel carefully.

Q: Are the reclaimed wood planks clean?

A: Yes, all Reclaim Arbor wood products is put through a heat sanitation process to ensure no living organisms from the years of natural weathering is brought into your interior space.

Q: Does the reclaimed wood give splinters?

A: Reclaim Arbor products are splinter resistant. Our paneling is produced using strict quality control standards to ensure every piece is smooth and non splintering to the touch. However, since this is a wooden product, splintering is not 100% avoidable.

Q: Can i use it outside?

A: Reclaim Arbor panels are intended to be used as interior wall paneling. Exterior use is possible, but we suggest nailing it for a more permanent instalation.

Q: What if i receive broken pieces?

A: Due to the variable nature of reclaimed wood, inconsistencies in quality do occur. We guarantee all of our products. If you receive any pieces that are broken or unsatisfactory, and we will ship you replacement panels free of extra charge.

Q: How thick are the wood planks?

A: Our planks are 1/8" thick.

Q: Is the wood safe around fire?

A: Our reclaimed wood planks are treated to be heat resistant, but direct exposure to heat and fire is not recommended.

Q: How long will it stick?

A: Reclaim Arbor adhesive is rated for 8-10 years of adhesion by the manufacturer

Q: how do i cut it?

A: Each piece of Reclaim Arbor paneling is thin enough to be cut with a utility knife guided by a speed square. for a more percise cut, we recommend using a mitre or rotary saw. Taping the area before cutting will help reduce splintering.