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Please Read This Prior To Installing Peel and Stick Panels
The adhesives used in the Peel and Stick wall panels are rated for 8-10 years of adhesion. In some instances that may not be the case due to a any of the following factors - kind of wall finish, paints surface textures or other external factors such as temperature, humidity and chemical constituents of your wall.
For best results, ensure the following!
Step 1

Figure out how many boards you need.

Measure the space to calculate exactly how many panels you will require.

Step 2

No dust! Wipe down your wall to ensure it’s free of any dust particles.

Step 3

Apply one panel with even pressure to ensure maximum adhesion.

Give it a couple of hours to make sure the paint or finish doesn’t reject the adhesive.

Step 4

Once you’re certain the adhesive is firmly in place go ahead and continue with the rest of your installation.

Does it seems like your panel didn’t stick well? Not to worry! We will ensure you get your dream accent wall if it’s the last thing we do! We were kidding with that last part but not the first, we will patiently walk you step by step to ensure your wall panels are installed properly.
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