Lots of people have trusted Reclaim Arbor to transform their living spaces and add that touch of interior design. Here’s what some of them have to say about Reclaim Arbor.

Hear what first-time homeowners Elena and Amaru have to say about installing a Reclaim Arbor accent wall.
"I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a unique element to your home"
- Aubry, MinimalMillennials
"I mean look how fast I handled it!"
- Tamara, Designs by Tamara Lee
"I cannot believe how easy this was and am kind of frightened because now I want to add an accent wall to every room in my house"
- Rachel, Tiny House
White Washed Barnwood
Barnwood Slate


"Nice product"
Nice looking product.
- William P.
"Love my new accent wall!"
Product arrived fast, I installed it before my husband got home from work. We love the look, really warms up the room. I was able to use a pin nailer because it was on a sheer wall backed with plywood. Cut beautifully on my small compound miter saw. Rip cuts were easy with a jig saw. I did not need to remove baseboard because the material is thin enough that it butts up beautifully. Only had 1 foot of material left over.
- Debbie
"Absolutely beautiful!!"
This white reclaimed hardwood will be just gorgeous on the front of my breakfast bar!! With dark gray distressed barstools in front of it there will be a nice contrast and added interest to my dinning area!! Thank for a great product and price!!
- Bruce.